Vintage Air Rally

In March 2018 a rally for vintage aircraft will leave Ushuaia for the United States of America

Vintage Air Rally

15 Vintage biplanes built before December 31st 1939, with supporting aeroplanes and helicopters

Vintage Air Rally

Follow in the steps of Aeropostale, across the continent of South America to the USA.

Vintage Air Rally

Opening ceremony in February 2018 in London. Departure in March, total duration 6 weeks.

Countdown to the next rally

Prepare2go is a company based out of Belgium and the UK, specialising in extraordinary logistics,
or, more simply put, moving people and equipment in, out and through difficult places and countries.

Since 2003 the company has been advising and helping individuals, companies, NGO's
and even government agencies, such as BBC, CNN, ABC, Discovery Channel, National Geographic,
Heckler & Koch, Control Risks, Aegis Group,... Prepare2go is also a recognised information source for FCO.

Whether the complication is physical (the North Pole, the summit of Aconcagua or the centre of the Sahara)
or political (Libya, Ukraine or Afghanistan to name just a few) Prepare2go has the experience
and the know-how to travel the road less travelled.
 It will get you to where you want or need to be - and get you back again!


The people behind Prepare2go

Sam Rutherford, 44, started his career with a commission from Sandhurst into the Army Air Corps.  
He served 8 years as office helicopter pilot, seeing action in a number of theatres around the world and with the DEA in central America. 
On leaving, he started advising on the best way of moving people and equipment in, out and through difficult places. 

This became Prepare2go, still actively doing the same tasks. 

He holds a number of commercial flying licences (both aeroplane and helicopter),
and has now visited in excess of 130 countries worldwide. 
He has flown to-from Europe-South Africa eight times (by both small aeroplane and helicopter),
and has driven by Land Rover from London to both Sydney and Cape Town.

VintageAirRally: Rally Director

Beatrice De Smet was born in Belgium and trained as a lawyer.
She lived in multiple countries such as Italy, France, Botswana and the UK and travelled extensively
and passionately over the last 20 years, mainly through Africa and Asia. From driving 4x4’s throughout the Sahara desert,
Western & Southern Africa to flying in Africa multiple times with a single or group of small planes,
she also conceived and lead the Jordanian Wadi Rum Horseback Expedition.
She holds a PPL, is a keen photographer and has an extensive photographic record of all her travels.
She speaks fluent Dutch, French, English and commands some Italian.
She is married to Sam Rutherford and they have 2 wonderful children.

VintageAirRally: Pr & Marketing

Gaetano Sucato was born in Belgium but raised in southern Italy and holds dual nationality.
He is a pilot since 2007 and also a flight instructor/aerial trip organiser since 2009.
At Prepare2go, he is in charge of flight operations since 2014 and is currently acting as flight ops coordinator and ferry pilot.
He has flown different types of single and multi-engine airplanes across 60 countries located in 5 different continents.

VintageAirRally: Air Operations Director

Lino Kafidas, 22, was born in Belgium and studied at the Art School in Antwerp,
followed by a bachelor in Film at a Brussels based college.
His experience lies with scriptwriting, directing, filming and editing. He speaks Dutch, Greek, English and a little French.
He loves fixing the more difficult projects.

VintageAirRally: Ground Operations Director

Bernard Ponet, was born in Antwerp and has a Master of Arts in Business Communication.
He used to work in the consulting and commercial industry across Europe,
Canada and the US and speaks French, Dutch and English.
He is not a pilot but very excited about helping to solve the challenges facing the VintageAirRally.

VintageAirRally: PR & Marketing / Administration for the planes, pilots and Rally participants.

Maxime Scarcez, 22, is Belgian and was born in Brussels.
He followed his pilot's training at the Sabena Flight Academy and now holds an ATPL(A).
He was awarded with the titel of "Best student pilot in flight training" and "Best student overal" by the flight school.
He is currently doing a bachelor degree in business administration at ICHEC in Brussels and planning to major in Entrepreneurship.
Passionate about aviation, he is thrilled to work on the Crete2Cape Rally.

VintageAirRally: Partnership & Events Coordinator

Nathalie Kool is currently completing her MSc. in Business Engineering at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
and had the chance to study in Santa Barbara and Taiwan.
She has always been convinced that exploring the world is far more valuable than money will ever be
and that the best way to progress is by putting yourself into challenging situations and find your way out of them…
And this is what she did extensively over the last year by traveling across Asia with her backpack
and will continue to do in Australia next year! 

VintageAirRally: Sponsorship Manager

Cécilia Smissaert was born in Belgium and is currently completing her studies in Business Engineering at Solvay Brussels School.
She has done several adventure routes in Africa and the Middle East, and looks for challenging environments to grow in.
At Prepare2Go, she is in charge of coordinating the event invitations and making sure that all government agencies are on board!
She is thrilled to learn more about how commissions work, as she intends to study International Politics next year.

VintageAirRally: Government Liaison Officer

Prepare2go bio

Meet us along the way

We’re aware that there are many people without the time (or aeroplane!) who would like to be involved with the VintageAirRally. With our local partners, we have created short packages where you can be part of the Rally, taking part in some of the events, for just a few days at a time. Please click on the country that interests you below to see what the options are. If the dates don’t fit, perhaps consider going to a country you had not considered – they’re all chosen for a reason!

See all the packages available


Following in the footsteps of the pioneering flights of the 1920s, 15 vintage aircraft built in the early 1900s take to the air for a truly unique rally across the Americas. The VintageAirRally starts on the 3rd March 2018 from Ushuaia, Argentina and finishes on the 14th April in Florida, USA. The Rally connects some of the most beautiful and evocative points, combining the challenge of flying these magnificent planes with the element of competition which was equally prevalent in those early days. The Rally begins from the world’s southernmost airport, heading north to Florida, journey’s end. A rally such as this has never been done before in South America – and follows on from the successful 2016 VintageAirRally Crete2Cape.



For more information please feel free to send us an email or just give us a call.

Phone:  +32 2 880 21 54
Fax:  +32 2 880 03 50


For Press Enquiries, please contact Jeremy Martin



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