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Latest article about the #VintageAirRally in the Sunday Times of the 1st of October.
Spotlight on Martyn Wiseman and his AN2 Antonov support biplane!

On the 11th October we're having our launch event in London, more info here:

What if you could have your own wifi network (almost) anywhere on the planet?
MioWifi, as sponsors of the Rally, are offering a special package for our followers; five weeks of unlimited internet in their worldwide coverage zones, beginning with the VintageAirRally on November 12th.

The first tail flags are applied, have a look!

Have a look at this amazing video of the Belgian Stampe Sunset Flight here!

For the French speakers:

Aerobuzz wrote an article about our Belgian/French team!
Read it here.

Today is International Vulture day. Help the #VintageAirRally save them: Birds for Birds!
They might not be as cute as a panda, as majestic as an elephant or as royal as a lion, but they are crucial to mankind.

Please, watch this video. You will never look at them in the same way again.

Have a look at this first mockup of a tailflag!

The Toronto Sun was present at our Toronto event and wrote an article about it!
Read it here.

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Following in the footsteps of the pioneering flights of the 1920s, 15 vintage aircraft built in the early 1900s take to the air for a truly unique rally across the Americas. The VintageAirRally starts on the 3rd March 2018 from Ushuaia, Argentina and finishes on the 14th April in Florida, USA. The Rally connects some of the most beautiful and evocative points, combining the challenge of flying these magnificent planes with the element of competition which was equally prevalent in those early days. The Rally begins from the world’s southernmost airport, heading north to Florida, journey’s end. A rally such as this has never been done before in South America – and follows on from the successful 2016 VintageAirRally Crete2Cape.



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