STOL Competition

The competition is simple, though more detail to come. The winner in each category is defined as the combination (adding together) of landing and take-off distance (a cycle). The landing is the distance measured from the main wheels of the aircraft at a complete stop from the arrival line. If the aircraft touches before the arrival line, then that ‘cycle’ is voided. The take-off distance is measure from the aircraft fully stopped to the point at which the main wheels leave the ground the last time.


Pilot’s Pre-Registration

Categories and Prizes


Vintage Biplane
(pre 1959)

Vintage Monoplane
(pre 1959)



>500KG <751KG

3-Axis Aeroplane



Overall Winner
(combined with another category)

Additional prizes:


Youngest pilot

bafaA flight with Miss Belgium 2018, Miss Angeline Flor Pua.

Oldest pilot

Oldest plane
(date of first registration)

flyinggroup A flight in the oldest Belgium-built Stampe SV4, and a guided tour of FlyingGroup’s facilities at Antwerp Airport

Biggest plane
(Maximum Take Off Weight)

Furthest travelled
(state of residence of pilot)

(most likes for their team on our Facebook page)

Vintage Air Rally A role with the VintageAirRally


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